Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do you really grow Pecans in Nebraska?

A:  Yes, yes we do!  We currently have two orchards in production--Bennet and Firth.  We grow, process, package and roast our nuts on site at our family farm in Bennet.  

Q:  Can I purchase your Pecans locally?  

A:  We sell our Pecans nationwide from our website.  In Nebraska, you can find us in various retail locations here.

Q:  Are your Pecans Organic?

A:  We are not certified organic by the USDA.  In growing our pecans, we use only the minimum amount of pesticides for the health and viability of our trees, but we do not spray the nutlets or nuts.  

Q:  Are your products gluten free?

A:  Yes, with the potential exception of our Artisanal Pecan Chocolate Bars.  All of the ingredients we use are naturally gluten free.  Our processing facility and on-site bakery does not process or use any products containing gluten.  

Although our Artisanal Pecan Chocolate Bars contain certified gluten free chocolate, the local chocolatier who makes them does make a limited number of products using gluten.  As such, because the facility in which our chocolate bars are made does make other products with gluten, we cannot be 100% sure that there is no cross contact with our gluten free ingredients.  

For more information, please refer to  

Q:  Are your pecans non-GMO?

A: Yes.  GMO generally refers to the modern process of genetically engineering food for various purposes such as drought resistance, yield, pest-resistance, and spoliation, among others.  It conjures visions of scientists in lab coats and petri-dishes.  It generally refers to the type of genetic engineering that cannot occur naturally or through traditional cross-breeding.   Our nuts are non--GMO in this regard.  GMO does not cover traditional agricultural cross-breeding.  This can be a natural or a manual process.  For instance, we use the agricultural and manual process of grafting that has been in use for generations.  Specifically, we use a hearty northern pecan root stock that is grafted to northern pecan varietals that do not generally grow well in Nebraska.  This creates a tree that grows well in our climate, but produces a flavorful nut.  This type of cross breeding is not considered GMO.  Science is confusing--which is why we are farmers!  Fortunately, the USDA maintains a list (and its pretty short) of the types of products that have been genetically modified for sale in any part of the world.  That list can be found here: 

Q:  Who makes your flavored nuts?

A:  Our roasted and flavored nuts were developed by us in our kitchen.  We bake and package them in our processing facility on site.  The notable exception is Amanda's Amazing Candied Pecans.  These were developed for us by a dear friend and local baker who was taken from us and her family way too early.  Although we utilize the recipe she created for us, they are made in house.  Of course, we have named them in her honor and are proud to keep her memory alive!  

Q:  Do you do tours?

A:  At this time we do not do tours.  Because we are a small family farm, we are too busy growing, harvesting, baking, packaging and trying to sell you nuts.  Hopefully, with your continued support, this is something we will offer in the future.  

Q:  What is "Fairy Dust," "Voodoo" and "Salt sourced from the Kraken" as listed on the ingredients of your roasted Pecans

A.  We've really been asked this question.  Bottom line, they are our top-secret magical ingredients (but gluten free and non-GMO!) that make our roasted nuts so good.  Either that, or they are merely our attempt to see if you actually read this stuff. Congrats for reading this far.  Use Code "FairyDust" for 10% off your online order (single use only).