Where To Find Us

2022:  We are in full swing!  We can typically be found at the following Farmer's Markets in Lincoln and Omaha through September:

  • Haymarket--Lincon
  • Union College--Lincoln
  • Old Market--Omaha
  • Aksarben--Omaha
  • Village Point--Omaha

While we try to be at each one, sometimes we will miss a particular market for various reasons.  Also, historically we run out of our allocated supply for farmer's markets before the end of the season, so we cannot guarantee we will be at the markets all year.  The good news is that our Farm Fresh Pecans can be found at the following retailers year round:

  • All Hy-Vee locations in Lincoln
  • A Street Market at 33rd and A Streets (Lincoln)
  • Leon's Gourmet Grocer at South Street and Winthrop Road (Lincoln)
  • Uptown Downtown (Bennet)
  • Arbor Day Farm (Nebraska City)
  • Scarlet Hotel (Innovation Campus, Lincoln)

If there is a retail location that you would like to see us at, please e-mail sarah@twinspringspecans.com and let us know.  It helps if you talk to your grocer or retailer and let them know of your interest.  This way they are expecting us when we stop in!  

Of course, we are open 24/7 online and offer fast, reliable shipping.  After all, cravings are cravings, and that itch needs scratching whatever time of day or night!  

Keep snacking, we will grow more!